Prompt 3

I very much enjoyed reading all of the reviews. It made me want to watch movies, read books, and listen to music (which I did the entire time and I’m currently doing now). I was very excited to get to this reading and this part of the course because I am the A&E editor of The Roar and review writing is something I very much want to improve on. My parents have been telling me since I’ve become the A&E editor to read more of Roger Ebert’s reviews and I finally did. I would also like to read more, now that I’ve finally done it. He is able to analyze different aspects of the film and write very vividly about the movies. He doesn’t seem to bash genres (which I thought he was going to do with horror) and he keeps the reader interested. However, he is also very harsh, as seen in the Texas Chainsaw review. I think the Taylor Swift “Reputation” review was the best written. It examined the artist’s past work and compared it to the current work. I did not enjoy Reputation but this review made me want to listen to it again. I find the Pink review more effective than the Autumn review. Autumn needed the long review to fully convey what the book is about. I think the most important thing about reviews is to give your personal opinion on the art then take a step back and look for the most meaningful things in said art. How does it compare to the artist’s previous work? What are the cultural elements in the art? While your personal opinion is important in reviews, you also have to regard the work from an artistic perspective.

Prompt 1

One of my resolutions for 2018 was to become more news literate. As a future journalist, I need to keep up with all kinds of different news and news sources. I usually watch MSNBC (my dad usually has on “Morning Joe” or “Hardball with Chris Matthews”) but I don’t read many written articles, the area I actually want to go into. I was very excited about this class and the chance to grow in my news literacy. I very much enjoyed the articles provided for this prompt. The columns given all had personal stories that connected to larger issues, such as gun control, sexuality, immigration, etc. If I had to choose a favorite, it would have to be “The Girls Who Faint at the Sight of Eggs.” It was rich in imagery and sensory details. It also made me quite hungry. I’d love to talk to this writer because she grew up in such a different environment than I did and I found her writing style to be the most unique or the most personal. I’d ask her what it was like to grow up and live in Nigeria. “A Spanking Fetish” was probably the least effective for me, simply because I couldn’t relate very well to the writer and the point they were trying to make. I thought it was very interesting and engaging, but the theme and subject didn’t hit me as well as the others. I was honestly expecting more hard hitting news articles but all of these were engaging and personal. I look forward to the next set of articles we’ll read.