Prompt #8

Each of these stories touch on topics that are hard to talk about, especially for high school students. These stories are similar to stories that would be seen in big publications such as the New York Times because they deal with such sensitive topics. Bigger publications would be more likely to write about these topics but on a bigger scale that can relate to the whole country.

I think that “In the Dark” required the most reporting. They had multiple sources within the story and there were numerous statistics pointed out within the story as well. I think that all of the stories took a lot of reporting and research because without it these stories would not be as strong.

I think the story about the feminine products was my favorite. I related with this story more than I did with any other story. I also enjoyed this story because it was written by a high school student and her descriptions are on target with the way that I felt when trying to conceal feminine products in high school.

Any of these stories could be written about Piedmont. Not so much the stories about sexual harassment only because that is not something that I have ever heard about being a problem at the school. There is such a diverse group of people on campus that you could potentially interview anyone on campus. Even if they did not relate with the topic at hand, they most likely know someone who would.

Sports Story

Imagine going to a college where you don’t feel welcome. Going to class becomes a routine, each day you dread going to practice because you feel as though you don’t fit in. This is how one volleyball player felt before she found the prefect fit.

Kassidy Wollett started playing volleyball when she was in middle school. She fell in love with the game after the first time she played and since then she has not played any other sport. Wollett played on multiple travel volleyball teams over the summer each year she played. By doing so, she got recruited by colleges around the state of Georgia, one of those being Emmanuel College.

“I had three colleges to choose from, but I wanted to go to Emmanuel because it was a good distance from home and at the time I thought it was the perfect fit for me,” Wollett said.

She went to Emmanuel in hopes of getting her athletic training degree. “The classes were easy,” Wollett said. “So easy that the stuff I was learning was not helping me.” Wollett spoke about how she felt as though she was not getting the proper education that she needed to be confident in her knowledge when she graduates.

On the court, things weren’t much better. “The team was very negative about certain things,” Wollett said.

She recalls having a winning season while at Emmanuel, but she still knew that the school was not the right fit for her, clarifying that Emmanuel is not a bad school, it just was not the “right fit” for her. This semester, she transferred to Piedmont.

“Since coming to Piedmont, I feel more at home,” Wollett said. “The academics challenge me and everyone on campus is very inviting and easy to talk to.”

When she met the team at Piedmont, she felt welcomed and like she was right at home. Currently, the team is preparing for their fall season and her coach has even talked about changing her position on the court. Follett is normally a defensive specialist, in this position, she is lined up in the back and will pass to the front row. Her coach has told her that she might be moved to the front row to become a spiker, which is a very difficult position.

“The coaches at Piedmont are all willing to do what is best for you as a player, they trust each player and they will give you a chance to play a position that you may not be used to,” said Brittany Gowen, a freshman lacrosse player at Piedmont College.

Wollett is glad that she decided to switch schools and come to Piedmont. “I am excited to spend the next three years here,” she said.

She looks forwards for what is to come, and she is so glad that she made the decision to switch schools. “If I had the chance to make a different decision, I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Prompt 7

I feel like event stories go into detail about a newsworthy story rather than covering the main points within the event. When taking minutes at a meeting, you will jot down the important topics that were discussed, but they do not go into much detail about what was said. Event coverage however, focuses on a specific section from the event and gives as much information to the reader as possible.

In most of these stories, getting quotes from other people was as much outside reporting that needed to be done. Really, all that needed to be done was to attend the event and talk to others who were there also and get their opinions on the event.

These stories came across as news stories to me, probably because they all covered newsworthy events. They focus heavily on certain information throughout the story which makes me think of feature stories, but the topics are what bring them back to being news stories.


Prompt #6

As an athlete, I always find sports stories to be interesting. Most stories are recaps of games or a specific interview about (typically male) players and how they got to where they are today. All of these stories focus on not only competition but the stories that stem from them. For example, the story about the U.S Women’s Hockey Team covered them winning the game, but it also gave a background as to how they got there. These stories show that not all sports stories have to be about competition, they are about much more than that.

The story I enjoyed the most is the one about the volleyball player with the prosthetic leg. I appreciated that they gave a short explanation of how she lost her leg so that it didn’t leave me with questions at the end. These types of stories are probably my  most favorite to read, humans are amazing, we face hardships but we always overcome them and and this story proves that. It is very easy to just give up and quit fighting, but this girl never stopped and her goal was to prove that she was able to do anything she wanted because she had been told by many that she couldn’t.

I have read stories where athletes have been over dramatized and some things are blown out of proportion, but I do not feel like that is the case with any of theses stories.

I think that if they writer is covering a recap of a game then yes, they should have a complete knowledge of the game. But in sports features, I do not think it is necessary because you are focusing more on the person not the sport.

“Gods Plan”

Mumble rap has taken over the genre causing most rappers to focus less on content and more on the beat that is produced. But, there is one man who is staying true to his roots and is trying to make the world a better place through his music. 

Aubrey Graham, better known as Drake, is a 31-year-old Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, entrepreneur and actor. He has released ten albums, but his latest single

“God’s Plan,” and the music video that follows it may be the highlight of his career. 

“I have always been a fan of Drake because his music is very genuine,” said Macey Higgings a freshman nursing major at Piedmont College. “He cares about his fans and that is shown

through his music and actions.”

“This is the most important thing I have ever done in my career,” Drake states in an Instagram post a few days before the video is released. 

The budget for the music video was just shy of $1 million, and rather than spending all the money to make an extravagant music video, Drake shares the wealth. 

Miami is well known for its night life and party scene, and is also a go-to spot for musicians to film their music videos. Most of these videos show vibrant colored Lamborghini’s, yachts, stacks of money, penthouses and expensive liquor. Yet, none of these videos show the other side of Miami, the less glamorous areas that house those that are desperate for help and are barely getting by. 


In the music video, Drake goes to these areas and gives scholarships to undergrads. He donates money to the Overtown Youth Center and Lotus House, a local charity and shelter that helps homeless women and children, many of whom were victims of domestic and sexual abuse. He buys people cars, gives money to the fire department, takes people on shopping sprees and drops wads of cash into strangers’ laps.    


“I really appreciate that Drake took a different approach to this video, he gave people a glimpse of what life in Miami is really like,” said Tyquam Dickerson, a freshman political science major at Piedmont College.

Dickerson lived in Miami for a few years while he was in middle school. He only lived there for a short amount of time while his dad was switching jobs. He can recall seeing homeless people on street corners and his friends coming to school wearing the same outfit multiple times. 

“Dade County is not what mainstream music has made it out to be, my friends would come to school wearing shoes with holes in them because their families couldn’t afford new ones,” Dickerson recalls. 

Miami’s poverty rate is 21.3 percent and some of the neighborhoods there are amongst the most dangerous in the country. By giving back to the community, Drake has made an impact on families lives and will hopefully start a trend in the music industry. A trend that will get artists to be more generous with their money and give back to the people who are less fortunate.   

“This music video is probably one of my favorites, Drake gives back to the community and supports his fans in a way that a lot of rappers don’t normally do,” said Domonique Steele, a sophomore nursing major at Piedmont College. 

Prompt 5

When I read the topic of this weeks articles, I instantly thought that we would be reading articles of things that are up and coming in the arts and entertainment field. Right when I started reading the first story, I quickly understood what these stories would be about. Instead of these stories being a traditional review, they touch on topics that have recently become widely talked about and controversial. The first story talks about sexual harassment in the Country music industry. This story is big, because we have seen stories about this within the movie business, news stations and even within the Olympics, but Country music has yet to be talked about. If it was happening in almost every other branch of entertainment, it was bound to be happening within the Country industry, it had just yet to be talked about. The next three stories touch on race, which has become a huge topic in our society recently. The last story touched on the arts and the #MeToo movement, it questioned if some paintings that are in art galleries should still be allowed to be shown to the public due to the sexual exposure of them.

The story that stuck with me the most is the story about the paintings. This is because it really frustrated me that people view these pieces of art of as “supporting objectification of children” or as a “sign of submission.” Artwork is a form of expression, it is a way to portray beauty for all to see. I may be a little biased because I have always had a love for art and never have I once felt that paintings of women were painted for malice reasons, they were painted to capture the beauty and essence of women in their purest form. Our society is very quick to view things like this and claim it is “over sexualizing women” instead of trying to understand the true purpose for such work.

These writers give these stories mass appeal because they tie them to real world events that even if we are not up to date about, we have heard about in some point. By doing this, they make the reader feel like they are also part of the story and it draws the reader’s in and keeps them reading until the very end.

Prompt 4

Feature articles have always been one of my favorites, they have a personal feeling to them and can make you feel as though you are part of their story.

Out of the articles, I feel like the story about Jorge Garcia took the most effort to report on. The quotes that were placed throughout this article gave so much emotion and the information that was given also added to the depth of reporting that was done. This post really hit hard because the thought of having to leave my family is a horrible one and I personally would not know how to cope with that.

The one that I felt took the least effort was the one about Camila Cabello. This seemed more like a story about why Fifth Harmony broke up to me. I understand that it was about Cabello being from Cuba, but I feel like the information given could easily be found somewhere on the internet.

The subject behind the Carmen Beadie and Rowan Wooldridge story does not interest me very much. The writer was able to pull me in and keep me reading until the end of the story. While reading, a few of my emotions were sparked and I feel like this one of the reasons I was able to stay focused on the story. Even though this is not a topic I am very interested in, it is something that has become big in our society and it is important that this writer highlighted the subject and made a great story about it.

After reading each story I was left with a visual in my head because the details were so strong. That is the one thing that stood out to me in each story and it is something that I can learn from when writing feature stories. The ability to draw the readers in and give visuals through words is amazing and it is something that I wish to be able to do as I progress with my writing.

Saving A Life One Step at A Time

We may not know it, but there is an animal shelter nearby Piedmont College. Habersham County has a local animal shelter that is open to the public five days out of the week. The downside to this is that the shelter is very understaffed and the animals that reside there do not get the attention they need. Some of the animals there go days, even weeks without getting let out of their cages. This is also true for many animals in shelters around the United States. 

According to the ASPCA Foundation, approximately 6.5 million animals enter shelters each year. Out of those animals, only about half get adopted and find themselves in a loving home. What happens to the other 3 million animals that are not so lucky? Approximately 1.5 million of these animals get euthanized. Even today, there are many kill shelters that give pets a certain time limit to get adopted before their time is up.   

What can be done to help put a stop to this? As college students, many of us are on a budget and we are not able to donate to organizations that help fight for the animals. But one thing we can do is give our time. The Humane Society takes applications for volunteers to help during adoption days. Volunteers walk the dogs, clean up after them, and keep them company while they wait to find their new home.    

Something needs to be done about this problem. Thankfully due to organizations such as the ASPCA and the Humane Society, the number of animals in shelters is declining. Even in a small county such as Habersham, we can make an impact to help these animals. The Habersham County animal shelter allows volunteers to walk the animals and give them the love they deserve. We all know that college students love talking about their experiences and things they do. Approximately 43 percent of pet owners found their companion through word of mouth. By volunteering and talking about the experiences we had, the animals housed in the shelter could potentially find their forever home, literally escaping death.        

The Beautiful and Damned Long Review

The Beautiful & Damned,” the fifth and latest album dropped by Oakland rapper G-Eazy was released in early December. It is a 74-minute inside view where he wonders if it’s possible to survive the strenuous and corrupting life as a celebrity.   

The title of the album comes from the novel “The Beautiful and Damned by F Scott Fitzgerald. The novel tells the story of a outgoing New Yorker Anthony Patch, who is awaiting the death of his wealthy grandfather so he can play with the money. Patch claims himself a writer, but in reality, is a drunk who would rather have a night out with friends than write a single word. The party life is all he knows and cares for. G-Eazy named the album after the book because “he was struck by the duality in the title,” when in fact the two are linked by more than just the title. Like patch, G-Eazy struggles to resist the temptation of nightlife rather than focusing on living up to his full potential.  

Being the most inwardly focused album, he has released, G-Eazy fights his personal devils and angels throughout the entire album. We see this first hand at the very beginning of the album in the track titled “The Beautiful & Damned,” Eazy contemplates: “I’m talking to myself like every night/You could try to be a better guy/But to understand a Gemini/Angel, Devil, it’s both him and I.” References of said angels are also seen in “Pray for Me” where he states that a female counterpart “looks like an angel, she might be a demon.” In “Leviathan,” Eazy tells the same female, “When I told her I’m the devil, I was smiling.” In this song, he also states, “Be careful, you don’t want this/There’s a dark side that haunts this,” and two lines later he’s back to pills and shots of liquor.  

This album is a lot darker and deeper than his previous albums but when it gets too dark there is a flighty song around the corner. “Sober” and “Legend” both talk about Champagne and Valium. “Pick Me Up” worries about getting caught up by the stronghold of cocaine, where “Gotdamn” focuses on romancing a girl who is just as extroverted as he is.  

The album itself doesn’t get a complete flow to it until about the last third, where we are introduced to “Crash and Burn,” “Summer in December” and “Charles Brown.” All of these highlight topics such as depression and the fear of failure.  

There is no doubt that G-Eazy has a lot to say and a lot to give to the music industry, but there is a stronger and shorter album that could be produced out of the 20-song playlist. He is slowly making his way into the spotlight, yet he needs to focus more on his own style rather than on what he thinks the radio wants to hear. G-Eazy needs to trust his abilities and know that they will get him far rather than playing it safe with guaranteed radio hits.         

The Beautiful & Damned Short Review

G-Eazy (Gerald Gillum) shows that he knows his way around modern rap with songs about drug dependency, joyless sex and the feelings of success. His boasts about fame, wealth and women are just an addition to the genuine sense of struggle that makes this album appealing. Despite the tedious repetition within songs like “Pray for Me” and “Gotdamn,” Gillum opens up to his fans and delivers one of his most inward focused albums to date.