The Greatest Soundtrack

Aside from the great film production of “The Greatest Showman,” the musical production could top any other. The film’s soundtrack stands on its own with modern music and messages that could teach us all a lesson. Winning a Golden Globe for Best Original Song, the inspirational “This is Me” is a song that focuses on how we should not be afraid to show the world who we are. Other songs like the magical “Rewrite The Stars,” the powerful “Never Enough” and the upbeat “From Now On” will make you dance, sing and fall in love all at the same time. Do yourself a favor and put this soundtrack on repeat forever.

Prompt #4

Feature articles have always been my favorite to read because I love knowing the stories of other individuals. They can help you relate on a personal level sometimes and make you feel like you are a part of their story.

While I enjoyed the articles about Nick Foles and Camilla Cabello, I don’t think they were as emotional and hard hitting as the other three. The one that I thought took the most effort was the story about Jorge Garcia. There was a lot of information in it, and it provided quotes that made you feel an incredible amount of sympathy for this man. I cannot imagine having to leave my family because I am not welcome in the country that I have lived in for most of my life.

I think the article that took the least effort was the one about Camilla Cabello. Even though it talked about Cabello being from Cuba, I did not see much of a story here. I just thought it sounded more like a story about how Fifth Harmony broke up. However, I did like the detail that was put in there about the takis. It just added more to the story and helped me visualize better.

The subject behind the story of Carmen Beadie and Rowan Wooldridge did not interest me. However, the way that it was written caught my attention and made me want to read more. The article triggered several different emotions for me, including sympathy, happiness and freedom. You could tell by all of the pictures that they both were happy with the person that they had become. You could also see the freedom in their smiles. Even though this is a subject that not everyone agrees with, we can still love the person, and I think this article did a good job of portraying that.

I think details are key when it comes to writing a feature article. You want the reader to be able to visualize the story, and having descriptive words helps with that. Every lead caught my attention immediately. Each one made me want to read more, which i think is important when writing a feature peace. At times, I became so involved in their stories that I forgot about the things around me.

All in all, I loved each one of these stories, and I am looking forward to discussing them.

Prompt #3

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Roger Ebert’s reviews. His colorful style of writing makes use of plenty of adjectives, helping you picture the film in your head. He doesn’t give away the film, but gives just enough detail for us to understand it. He gives his opinions about each film, but I could also tell that he tries to stick with just reviewing it and telling us what it’s about.

I am not too crazy about this Taylor Swift, but I did like the review on her new album. I love the way the writer went through each song, telling us what it was about and how it could relate to other things. I liked how he hinted that she was just a little crazy, but he basically said that her craziness got her to where she is. I like how he referenced some of her past work to show the process of how she got to where she is now. This was more than just a review. It was a story.

I am sitting here trying to figure out what to say about the short reviews. I think I could go either way. I think that I needed more detail. After reading the Taylor Swift review, I was used to the descriptive, more in depth, writing. With the short reviews, I was left hanging. However, it did make me want to find out more about the works. All in all, I feel as if I did not get much from the shorter reviews.

When writing a review, I believe you have to place your opinion in there somewhere. However, I feel like you need to be straightforward and just tell everyone what the film, book, play or album is about. I think you also have to be a colorful writer so you can give the reader a vision in their head about the work. If not, the reader may not trust your reviews.

You Won’t Know Unless You Experience It

“I guess you don’t know how to get out of the way, do you?” said the woman who we passed in a retail store last summer.

Donald looked at her the way anyone would look at a person after a smart comment like that, except his was a little different.

“Was she talking to me, Leslie?” he said.

I told him that I think she may have been talking to both of us, but we just needed to ignore her. He gave me a sorrowful look and was unusually quiet for the rest of the day. I knew why he was quiet, but the lady who opened her mouth without thinking didn’t know that she had hurt the feelings of a middle-aged gentleman with special needs.

As a child, I remember seeing people with special needs be picked on just because they didn’t look the same or didn’t act the same way that others did. It was hard to watch, and there are days that I regret not stepping in and doing something about it.

Then God allowed Donald Long to become a part of our family. There are days that we will walk in a store or restaurant together, and the whole time I feel as if millions of eyes are locked on us as we go about our business. Sometimes, it pisses me off to be honest. Other times, it makes me so proud because having Donald as a family member has changed our lives forever.

But why are they looking? Shouldn’t they go about their business just like we are? I’ve had to realize that others don’t know the joy that we’ve experienced by taking care of an individual with special needs. They also don’t know the pain that we go through sometimes because of how their smart comments impacts his depression. It’s all a part of the package. But to be completely honest with you, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Part of me thinks that many people are missing out because they choose to not interact with people who have disabilities. They’re missing out on a chance to feel like their life is not about them for once. They’re missing out on a friendship that has the potential to last a lifetime, and they sure are missing out on a lot of happiness. But you can’t force it on them. They’ll come around.

But until they experience that happiness, they will keep staring. They will keep stepping away as soon as they come close to someone with a disability. They will keep making those comments that hurt deeper than they will ever know.

The lady in that retail store that day may not have known that Donald had special needs. Half of the time, I forget. Being around a person with special needs has changed my life. If she would have just taken a moment to have a conversation with Donald, he might have changed her life too.


Prompt #2

Each one of these articles is a type of editorial of course, but I believe all but a couple of them mention something about students, including the one about international students, campus sexual assault and dumbing down high school. The free speech article and the article about trump go hand in hand talking about twitter and Trump’s behavior.

Last week, all of the articles were about personal experiences. This week, these articles focus on much larger issues that don’t necessarily relate to one particular person. Last week, I loved feeling like I was a part of their story. I liked being able to feel relief after the girl with the fetish revealed her problem to her significant other. I liked feeling the sorrow and the happiness from the girl who talked about her church burning down. I didn’t feel that this week. I feel like I didn’t have that personal connection with the writers from these articles.

There were two articles that I thought were effective, both for different reasons. These articles include the one about dumbing down high school and the one about sexual assault. In high school, I remember taking those easy classes just to graduate, but when I went to college, I wasn’t as prepared as I needed to be. The teachers that I sat and listened to in high school definitely weren’t teaching at a “tough” level. Most of them were teaching just to pass us on to the next grade or to graduation. I remember taking an honors class and making a grade higher than 100 in the class. At the very best, I should have made a A- just because it was an honors class, but the teacher was so easy that almost everyone earned the same grade. I’m not saying that’s the wrong way to teach. I’m just saying that it didn’t prepare us for what was ahead. The article about sexual assault just caught my attention when I first opened it with all of the colors and the pictures. I immediately wanted to start reading to see what had been written. If you can catch people’s attention before they even start reading, you’re doing something right.

I think the article that was least effective was the one about Trump. I think some believe Trump has already hit rock bottom and it cannot get any worse. I think it’s just a waiting game to see when he will crash and burn, as bad as it sounds. The other four articles dealt with issues that were way more important than our president, but I also believe they are issues that could relate to him or issues that he should deal with at some point.

I wanted to add that I love how two of these articles came from school papers. While reading things from the New York Times and other newspapers are good, I think it’s important to read things that were written by students our age.

Prompt #1

Most of the time, I am not one of those people who will sit down and read an article from start to finish. I would rather watch a news story unfold on television because I can actually see it happen. However, because each of these articles dealt with serious issues, I instantly became interested in them. Like Olivia said, these articles all deal with personal issues that reach to larger issues in our country. Each person in each article is also struggling with some type of fear as well. The article about the church was interesting to me because one, I have grown up in church my whole life and two, I love the way that she referenced different people in the congregation. This made the article more personal, and I believe people would be able to relate to that more. I know that I could point out people like that in our church that have made an impact whether they know it or not. The one that was least effective to me was the spanking fetish. I do believe this was a struggle for this girl to reveal this fetish to her significant other. I could understand that we all have fears, but the subject was just a little weird. If I were to ask one of these authors a question, it would be to the person who wrote about being an immigrant, and I would ask her “how did you live your life knowing that you may not be able to see your family again?” I love how each article dealt with a specific issue and a had a personal story to go along with it. It’s almost like you were a part of the story as well.