Prompt #8

Each of these stories touch on topics that are hard to talk about, especially for high school students. These stories are similar to stories that would be seen in big publications such as the New York Times because they deal with such sensitive topics. Bigger publications would be more likely to write about these topics but on a bigger scale that can relate to the whole country.

I think that “In the Dark” required the most reporting. They had multiple sources within the story and there were numerous statistics pointed out within the story as well. I think that all of the stories took a lot of reporting and research because without it these stories would not be as strong.

I think the story about the feminine products was my favorite. I related with this story more than I did with any other story. I also enjoyed this story because it was written by a high school student and her descriptions are on target with the way that I felt when trying to conceal feminine products in high school.

Any of these stories could be written about Piedmont. Not so much the stories about sexual harassment only because that is not something that I have ever heard about being a problem at the school. There is such a diverse group of people on campus that you could potentially interview anyone on campus. Even if they did not relate with the topic at hand, they most likely know someone who would.

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