Prompt #8 – News

I was surprised by the high quality of the articles from this week, considering that they all came from high school and college publications. In most ways, they blend in well with stories that one would see in professional publications. I suppose the biggest difference would be the scale of the stories: professional publications would focus on much broader subjects that apply to a larger audience.

‘In the Dark” from the College Heights Herald seems to have required the most reporting to produce. It’s filled with an impressive array of well-researched information that works well to build a compelling story. On the flip side, I think “Feminine Products Kept Hidden” required the least amount of research. That being said, the feminine products story was one of my favorite from this week’s set. The intensiveness of reporting doesn’t always directly correlate with the quality of a story.

“In the Dark” was ultimately my favorite story from this week. What first caught my eye was the impressive design of the article. The high-quality design was followed up with an equally impressive story, full of well-research statistics, quotes, screenshots, and infographics.

Any of these stories could be written with a focus on Piedmont College (although hopefully less information would be found on sexual assault.) In pretty much any case, it would be important to interview people on both ends of the hierarchy: President Mellichamp and members of the general student body.

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