Prompt 8

I would say the biggest difference between these stories and big-name companies is that the bigger companies will often do a sort of “follow-up” piece, putting the whole situation in retrospect. A school environment doesn’t often give the room for that due to the transitory nature of any school. There are exceptions, but those are few and far between. What brings them together is the more serious context one would expect from a typical school setting. The kind of story you expect is akin to “Oh, here’s this fun activity happening on campus” and what we get is “SOCIETY PRESSURES WOMEN TO TREAT TAMPONS LIKE BLACK TAR HEROINE.”

Of these, the St Thomas article took the most reporting, taking a relative issue and bringing it to the national scale. Which required the least? I’d say the one from Grady. I would argue more details means a better story, as more details mean a clearer picture. Because of this, I preferred the St Thomas article on mental health.

I believe I could write mental health. I myself have a family history of dementia and don’t exactly have a mind with stable footing. One possible interviewee would be Nicole Thomas, who as I recall, did her radio final on mental health. Another could be my mother, who very clearly remembers the last couple of years of her mother’s life. My grandmother was convinced a plastic surgeon she may or may not have slighted some fifty years ago was out to get her. Every bump in the house, every unexplained noise, every plane in the sky – all the machinations of someone who in reality probably forgot about her, or so my grandmother used to say. I would start the piece off with a personal memory of my grandmother, progress to a personal story of my own, and then transition to Nicole.

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