Prompt #8

These articles all deal with very serious topics, like a bigger publication would. The difference is that a larger publication would write a more general, nonspecific version of a story, while the stories in this prompt were more specific and local.

The “In The Dark” story had the most reporting work. There were several people interviewed and a great deal of statistics. The story about feminine products probably required the least reporting, as most of it was about personal experiences in situations that weren’t as serious as some of the other articles in this prompt. For the most part, better reporting will make a better story, but great reporting on a terrible topic does not make it a great story.

I liked the “In The Dark” story the best because the writer did phenomenal reporting combined with a very tough issue. Whenever someone combines those two elements into a story, it usually ends up being a great story.

Any of these stories could be written with a Piedmont spin. For stories like “In The Dark” and and “Academic Success for Sale,” you could interview students who have similar experiences like those mentioned in the articles.


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