Veronica Capas and Gabby Lotter

The faces of the Piedmont College training room are always changing. Different people, all with different ailments, are constantly coming and going every day. However, two faces that have remained consistent are those of Piedmont soccer players Veronica Capas and Gabby Lotter. The two friends share an unbreakable bond, having been there for each other as they both recover from serious knee injuries.


“We had our surgeries about three days apart, so we decided to help each other with all of our rehab training stuff,” said Capas. Both her and Lotter suffered ACL injuries before coming to Piedmont, which sidelined them for the whole season. The only thing that was keeping them sane during that tough time was the drive to get back to playing, and the fact that they had each other’s back.


“There will be days when I’m down and she’ll pick me up, or vice versa,” said Lotter. “Having someone in there with me who knows exactly what I’m going through has definitely help me get through the recovery process.”


Both girls are cleared to return back to the field for the women’s soccer spring season, but Capas is the only one who is allowed to go through full-contact in practice. The transition back onto the field has been fun for her, but extremely challenging at the same time. “I feel so slow,“ said Capas. “The other day I had to stop practicing because my body hurt so bad. I’m so excited to finally get to play but it pisses me off  that I’m not at 100 percent.”


Lotter, though happy for Capas, wishes she could be doing more out on the field. “I’m not fully cleared to do contact drills. I’m basically a neutral player that no one is allowed to tackle. I’ll be fully cleared soon but right now I’m just going to have to deal with it.”


This whole experience had made Capas and Lotter inseparable as friends. Seeing each other succeed on the field is one of their main goals and they will do whatever it takes to get back to playing the sport they love, with their first taste of game action on April 14thas the women’s soccer team participates in scrimmages.


“Playing on the field together would be awesome,” says Capas, “especially because it’s the goal we shared since we began the recovery process together.”

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