Diane Roberts Speaks at Piedmont

Renowned novelist and journalist Diana Roberts came to deliver the second of her three speeches here for the students at Piedmont College on March 29th.


“I got the chance to check out you guys’ radio station…all I can say is that it’s nice to not have to worry about real world issues like revenue so enjoy it while you can,” said Roberts.


Roberts’ main focal point of the speech was the impact of journalism and its place in the modern world today, but before she go into her story as a journalist, she opened up the room for questions.


She explained to the small group of students both the perks and the pitfalls of being a journalist in this day and age. She provided wisdom in her many anecdotes and kept everyone awake with several witty remarks that had everyone laughing.


“If Paula Deen ever expressed an interest in mathematics, I would find her a more interesting person when she talks, but instead she just puts butter on butter and says ‘try this!’”

Roberts definitely gave several students in attendance some great keys to continue their pursuits of being journalist and writers. Her words of encouragement seemed to resonate with all of the students, many of whom will  be completing capstone and heading off to the real world.


“No one get out of bed and decides ‘I’m a writer’ or ‘I’m a journalist’, you have to work at it,” she said. “It’s kind of depressing but that’s how you become successful, by working hard at what you do”

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