Prompt #8

I think these stories are different from the ones that would be in the New York Times because some of them are very dark serious topics and sometimes people don’t like to put that into there newspaper because they are nervous about what the response to them might be. Also sometimes people reading the newspaper do not want to read such difficult stories so there readership might go down if they were to put this kind of stuff in there. I do think they are similar because like big newspapers they often times tackle such difficult topics. I do think that people from the NewYork times would have wrote it a bit cleaner but other than that they were all decently good.

I think the last three stories listed required the most reporting because they are over a specific incident. They had to do some serious fact searching in order to get the correct story, but I do think all of them require a significant amount of reporting to make the story, a story. I do think that with more reporting the more likely your story is going to be better.

My favorite story was “In the Dark records shine light on sexual misconduct” because it has to do with my capstone. It must have took a lot of guts to write this story and dig on information that is so serious.

You could use any of these for Piedmont. Say I wanted to do the one about people taking there classes online for money, I could interview anyone on this campus because I am sure people have done this plenty of times. Any of these stories could be turned into something for the Piedmont Roar newspaper.

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