Prompt #8

Each of these articles deals with a subject that can sometimes be difficult to discuss. I believe these articles are similar to those in the New York Times in that they deal with such topics. I believe the New York Times would write stories like this, but on a much broader spectrum. These seem to be mostly local and relating it to a larger topic.

I believe the story that required the most reporting was the “In the Dark” article. There were multiple people involved in this story, and it also provided a lot of statistics. It seemed to me that there was a numerous amount of research that went into this story. I also think The Clarke Case and Academic Success For Sale required a great amount of reporting. With the topics covered, you can’t just wing it. It takes time and lot of research, time and reporting.

I think my favorite was the one about the feminine products because I remember being that girl who was scared just like the girl in the article was. It’s just the way we are, and I like the quote at the end. It’s something that everyone tries to keep private, but something all women can relate to on some level.

I think you could easily turn any of these stories in to something relevant to Piedmont. You could do something with the In The Dark story. This is a big topic right now and one that I feel people are interested in. Since Durden just did a capstone on something similar, I could interview her. The Academic Success For Sale would definitely be something that Piedmont could cover. If the president would be willing, he would be a good interview and even any of the professors.

I think these stories covered good topics, and it’s always interesting to read things that are about people our age or were written by people our age.

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