Prompt #7

Event coverage is different than taking minutes of a meeting because the event coverage articles I read were really detailed and they were made into articles.  In other words, they weren’t just notes about what happened at the event like minutes are.  The articles were fully developed with lots of detail, paragraph, and sources.


The additional reporting that was required was that the journalist had to see what other events had taken place revolving the topic.  For example in “Students, at town hall to Washington NRA: Guns are the problem, do something”  at the end it also briefly talked about “Trump’s listening session” which took place Wednesday afternoon.  In the article about UGA, it mentioned how another person felt about hearing the speech.  It said Roya, the Student Government Vice President thought it was “incredible.”

I feel like these stories are written more like news stories.  I feel like it would be similar to news coverage.

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