Prompt #7

To me, event coverage stories are vastly different form taking minutes at a meeting. From the way I see it, when you’re taking meeting minutes, you’re essentially taking down the highlights of what is going on during the meeting, without going into much, if any, detail. Only the highlights, does not a good event story make. You could almost view a set of meeting minutes as the rough draft of a fully formed event coverage story.  These event coverage stories were a lot more fleshed out than a set of meeting minutes, complete with background information on the subjects and outside reporting.

Speaking of, there was a decent amount of additional reporting that had to be done to write these event stories. The reporter needs to have a good amount of background information to really get the full point across to the reader. Someone who didn’t know Charlayne Hunter-Gault’s story before reading the story, will now know enough about her to fully realize the impact of her speech at UGA.

In my opinion, these stories are written more like news stories, though they definitely have aspects of the descriptive features writing style added into them. They focus on the event at hand, while simultaneously adding in elements of background information and descriptive writing that are often showcased in feature stories.

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