Prompt #7 – Event Coverage

Event coverage, at its most basic core, communicates the “five Ws and the H”: who, what, where, when, why and how. All of the stories that we read this week, however, do a whole lot more than that. In addition to explaining the vital information of events, they carefully scoop pockets of detailed information that breath importance into the story. Taking minutes at a meeting may serve the same basic purpose as writing event coverage, but the journalistic story should take it a step further by walking the reader through why the event was important to them.

Additional reporting is also necessary for event coverage. This unlocked background information can be used to build a strong base for your story and give rich context to the happenings of the event.

On the surface, I think these stories come across more as news stories than features. (They are, after all, explaining a newsworthy event.) Looking at them a bit closer, though, they tend to focus on rich pockets of information that remind me a lot of features stories.

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