Prompt #7

I believe event coverage is different than taking minutes of a meeting because in the event you don’t get to really ask questions, you just have to listen and hope that they answer the questions that you have. You can’t exactly spin the story in a way that you want too, you have to roll with the information that they give you during this event. If it is a huge story you are going to want a one on one meeting to be able to get more personal.

I think there is a lot of additional reporting required for all of these stories. You need to know the persons background and what they are all about so you can tie that into the story you are trying to tell.

I think the Donald Trump story was more of a news story because he is the president and anything that he talks about is news to all of us because he is the one who makes the big decisions in this world. I do think the story over Charlayne Hunter was more of a feature story because it was mostly about her and the good that she has brought to this world, and the struggle she had to face to get to where she is today. Oh, and Joe I liked your article too.

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