Prompt #7

I think event coverage is different than taking minutes at a meeting in that there is more detail. For a meeting, I feel like you just right down the main points, but you don’t expound on them much. With these articles, there was a story behind each, and I loved that.

I think the only additional reporting in these stories were the quotes from different people talking about the event or the topic. To get all of this information, all these reporters had to do was attend the event. The one about the students from Parkland was pretty straight forward. When I was reading, it just seemed more like a dialogue to me. It was the same way with the Trump article and the one about Charlayne Hunter-Gault. The one about the Peabody awards was a little different with quotes from people in attendance.

I think most of them were written like news stories, but they have the potential to become a feature story. With the article about Parkland, they could have easily taken that and turned it into a feature with stories about the kids. I think the article that was closest to a feature story was the one about Charlayne Hunter-Gault.

These weren’t my favorite articles just because I don’t think they are as entertaining as a feature or something to that nature.


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