Prompt #6

Many of these stories reinforce the perceptions about how competitive sports are by explaining how teams are getting better, or how games will be played in the future. However, stories like the one about the little girl playing with a birth defect are mostly about the story and less about how good she is at volleyball. People love a good success story, especially sports fans.

The story I liked the most was the story regarding the GHSA and how they moved their state championship games away from the Macon Centerplex. This one is my favorite because of my personal association with this article. Ironically, I was one of the last people to play in the Macon Centerplex before this article came out. Everything that is listed in this article was something that I experienced when I played in that arena.

There are times when sports writers tend to over-dramatize whomever they are covering, and there is evidence of that in the story about James Washington to a certain extent. The story’s setup for the most part felt like I was reading an opening plot for a movie. It was well written, but not necessary for an article like this.

From reading these articles, I feel that it is very important to know about the sport that you are writing about. If a writer has no idea about the sport that they are covering, there can create some sort of a disconnect with the reader and that can create distrust with the source. Its not that hard to tell from the writing that the writer has no idea about the sport that they are covering.

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