Sports Prompt

These articles are about performance and competition but there’s also more to it than that.  In “U.S. Women’s Hockey Team Wins First Olympic Gold ’98”  it was about how the US women’s team won hockey.  However, it also mentioned how the players want more people to get involved in hokey.  In “The White Sox Add to Their Human Connection,”  it was more than just performance and competition because it’s about how Moncaada helped Abreu in the White Sox.  In “GHSA moving state basketball from Macon” it’s about how the basket is misplaced at the Macon Coliseum and how basket ball teams won’t be playing there anymore. “The Stamford Star: James Washington, the Brightest Son of a Slowly Dying Texas Town” is about James Washington and his childhood and the town he grew up in.  “Freshman Kills Stereotypes, Bullying” is about how Nyajuol plays volley ball, her leg/birth defect, and how her team supports her and how she supports her team.

I like “Freshman Kills Stereotypes, Bullying,” the best.  I found Nyajuol to be very admirable.  I like how she played volleyball despite having a birth defect and I liked the part where it talked about how she went to a counselor to get help with her issues.

I didn’t think the sports journalists over dramatized the athletes.  I think the journalists reflected them in a good light while being straight-forward.

I think it’s important for the writer to have a good grasp on the sport they are writing about.  All of these journalists did their research to produce well-written sports articles.

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