RR Sports

Competition and performance were definitely highlighted, especially in the first story about Olympic gold. But most of these stories had at least one other facet of the sport to pique a reader’s interest who might otherwise scan for the scores and stats before moving on. My favorite article was about the non-regulation courts, how the players themselves had to point out the problem, convincing their coaches that something was off. This is interesting to me, a defined non-fan, because it seems that somebody had to know about this before the players got out on the court and figured it out for themselves. The story about James Washington was overdramatized to a ridiculous effect. I couldn’t take it seriously once it began making comparisons to biblical prophecy. In contrast, the one about the Cuban baseball players was almost under-dramatic. I had to follow the link to find out more about the passport-eating incident. I think knowing the sport is important, but not as important as finding what will make the story interesting to those who don’t know it.


One thought on “RR Sports

  1. “In contrast, the one about the Cuban baseball players was almost under-dramatic.”
    Interesting, I didn’t think about that, but you’re right. The writer missed a great opportunity to create some imagery here, especially with these athletes who were truly uprooted to play the game they love. This is why you’re a good editor.


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