Prompt #6 – Sports

As I’ve probably made frustratingly clear in my time writing for The Roar, my lack of knowledge and interest in the world of athletics is my worst trait as an aspiring journalist. I recognize that sports are incredibly important to many, especially in the United States. Because it’s important to readers, it must be valued, to a certain extent, by writers. This is something that I definitely struggle with.

Reading the stories from this week’s prompt gave me a bit of hope in this subject. Many of the stories showed that sports-focused journalism can go so far beyond a play-by-play report of a basketball match. Instead of focusing on the performance of athletes or teams, these stories focused on the human elements: the struggles of certain players, what they’re feeling, what they’re thinking and how they’re changing in life.

The story that I think did this the best was the feature on James Washington written by Nathan Ruiz. I was immediately gripped by the lead and stayed enthralled until the incredibly satisfying ending. It read much more like a novel than what I would predict from a “sports story,” which was as impressive as it was surprising to me.

I didn’t feel like the details were over-dramatized in the stories that we read this week. I’ve seen examples of this in the past, but these stories all seemed to stay honest.

Without a doubt, some sports-knowledge helps when piecing together a sports story. That being said, these examples all proved that a “human story” can be just as good (much better, in my eyes) than a “sports story.”

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