Prompt #6

As an athlete, I always find sports stories to be interesting. Most stories are recaps of games or a specific interview about (typically male) players and how they got to where they are today. All of these stories focus on not only competition but the stories that stem from them. For example, the story about the U.S Women’s Hockey Team covered them winning the game, but it also gave a background as to how they got there. These stories show that not all sports stories have to be about competition, they are about much more than that.

The story I enjoyed the most is the one about the volleyball player with the prosthetic leg. I appreciated that they gave a short explanation of how she lost her leg so that it didn’t leave me with questions at the end. These types of stories are probably my  most favorite to read, humans are amazing, we face hardships but we always overcome them and and this story proves that. It is very easy to just give up and quit fighting, but this girl never stopped and her goal was to prove that she was able to do anything she wanted because she had been told by many that she couldn’t.

I have read stories where athletes have been over dramatized and some things are blown out of proportion, but I do not feel like that is the case with any of theses stories.

I think that if they writer is covering a recap of a game then yes, they should have a complete knowledge of the game. But in sports features, I do not think it is necessary because you are focusing more on the person not the sport.

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