Prompt #6

Due to my general lack of interest when it comes to sports, it’s safe to say that I’ve never really enjoyed reading sports news stories. However, I do enjoy reading profile stories that focus on one person and illustrate their story, so I was happy to see that there were those types of stories included in the list we were given to read. As far as the idea that these stories revolve around being competitive and the player or team’s performance, I can see why people think that. In my mind, the standard sports story is one that discusses a team’s victory or loss, and consists mainly of stats, like how many home runs the players hit, or how many goals they scored to lead them to a sweet victory or bitter loss. However, especially after reading the profile stories on James Washington and Nyajuol Lew, I realized that a sports story doesn’t have to revolve around stats. It can differ from the mold by giving readers more insight into the player’s life, and what they have gone through to get to where they are today.

I’m torn between two stories to call my favorite, those being the aforementioned profiles about Washington and Lew. I’m a huge fan of both reading and writing profile stories. Perhaps I’m just a nosy reporter, but I love having the ability to learn more about a subject through conducting interviews and reading other’s profile stories. They allow us to learn things that aren’t apparent on the surface of a subject, and I find that to be very powerful. I really loved the way Washington’s story was written, as I got to learn things from different aspects and perspectives of his upbringing and current life. I also found Lew’s story to be pretty inspiring, as I got to learn more about a birth defect that I could never fully understand and how she doesn’t let it handicap her, or stop her from doing what she wants to do.

I don’t feel as if any of the stories here were over dramatized. I feel that all of the stories had the right mix of descriptive writing and objective reporting on their subject.

Based on these readings, I feel that a reporter should at least have a basic knowledge of the sport they are reporting on. Especially with the more objective, statistic filled stories, it would be more than a little awkward if the reporter said a soccer player scored a three pointer home run. However, with profile structured stories, I feel as if the reporter doesn’t have to know as much about the sport itself, as the story is more about the player, and how the sport has impacted their life.

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