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For most, Christian music is a genre that people often put to the side, choosing country or pop music instead. While artists like Taylor Swift and Kesha dominate the charts with pop music, Christian music can give us a feeling that no other genre can.

“For me, Christian music is something that I want to listen to all the time, and I always know that there will be a message of encouragement and hope when I’m listening,” said Pastor of Pleasant Grove Baptist Church, Christ Pritchett.

The problem with many current pop songs today is that they don’t contain a message, focusing on someone’s sex life or drinking on the weekends, such as Bruno Mars’ Finesse and Dan & Shay’s Tequila. Christian music takes a different approach, attempting to help those in times of trouble and build people up when they need it most.

There are many different types of Christian music. For example, Skillet is a hard rock Christian band. Hillsong is a praise and worship group. The Newsboys are more of a hip-hop trio. Christian music caters to each individual no matter what type of music genre they’re interested in.

Christian music can also be powerful because of the artist.

“There’s a difference between those who want to perform and those who want to worship,” said Pritchett. “There is a different feeling when the artist steps aside and allows the Holy Spirit to fill the room,” said Pritchett.

“Christian music is more than just music, it’s a way of worship,” said senior mass communications major, Durden Smith.

For many people, the power of the Holy Spirit is something that they have never experienced while listening to music and even might sound a bit scary. For business graduate student Manyi Eno, this is something that she experiences a lot.

“Worship makes me feel really close to God in that moment. There is an overwhelming feeling of happiness to the point where I want to cry,” said Eno. “I think about things that I have gone through to get me to where I am today, and Christian music has given me the ability to get through those difficult times.”

“During the day, there will be a song that comes on that speaks to me about something that I am dealing with at that particular time,” said Pritchett.

Christian music has the ability to encourage someone who may have lost a loved one, just found out they have sickness that can’t be cured or have just had their heart broken. Whatever it is, Christian music can provide comfort and encouragement for those struggling.

Some people may not listen to words and just listen to the music. Even though this is true, with Christian music, those people are still being introduced to the message. It may just sound like a nice tune to some, but down the road, they’ll realize that the message in that tune stuck with them as well.

To hear Christian music that is currently dominating the charts, visit billboard.com.

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