Prompt #6

All of these stories have somewhat of a competition aspact of them just because sports are meant to be competitive. Everyone wants to be the next “star” in sports but not everyone has what it takes so I think there is always competition meaning there is always going to be someone out there that is better than you, works harder than you, ect. but you have to find a happy medium with what you’re willing to take or sacrifice. All of these stories to me were not just a sports article. They all had a much deeper meaning. The one about the women’s hockey team was very inspiring because the players main goal was to try and promote women’s hockey. They wanted to be able to have the future look like a brighter one than the day before. Like myself, I haven’t heard much of any women playing hockey so it was nice to read something I could definitely relate too.

The story I liked the most was definitely the last one. The girl who has a prosthetic leg and still doesn’t let that stop her is so inspiriting and she is only a freshman in high school. I think she definitely let the readers know that it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows she had to work very hard to get to where she is and still has too. It really got me when she said she has to work four times as hard as the others girls even when they are complaining about there legs hurting but they have no idea what hurt she is going through. It definitely made me feel very grateful of what I have been blessed with in my life.

I am not quite sure if sports journalists over-dramatize there stories because I think in order to answer that question we would have to talk to the people they have interviewed and hear it from them. Of course of a journalists is boosting someone up they aren’t going to say “hey that’t not right”. Like the article about the boy and football, did he really beat the bus? Or did the journalists over dramatize it? We probably will never know, which means we would need to hear it directly from the source.

I don’t think it is absolutely necessary to have a strong grasp on the sport you are covering but you do need to know what is going on in the game. I would say you don’t have to but it would be a good idea for the magazine you are working for to put someone in that position who’s knows what they are talking about. It makes the story better and makes people want to read it more. If I had to cover a hockey game I would be horrible at it because I know absolutely nothing about the sport.

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