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The house was quiet as he packed up his things and walked out the door. The constant slamming of doors, secrets and lies had become harder to bear. He was gone, and all she could do was sit alone in an empty house as tears fell down her face.

“As soon as Jennifer gave me the freedom to walk out of the house, I was gone and never coming back,” said David Gibson.

Jennifer Gibson states that she had given up and just really wanted some peace and quiet. “I knew he wasn’t happy, so I was basically wasting my time.”

After David and Jennifer were married, he began working at a local hardware store, and Jennifer worked at a nearby doctor’s office. They both had steady incomes, and the last thing they thought about was divorce. They were involved in their church, and David led the youth in praise and worship on Wednesday evenings.

Jennifer wanted to support David in whatever he was doing, but she began to notice things between David and a young woman, who helped lead worship, that seemed out of place. They were constantly texting each other, but she ignored it, thinking that the messages were related to music.

It all happened one Thursday evening when the band finished practicing. Jennifer was shopping, and the band decided to go out to eat without mentioning it to her. She had had enough and decided to call her husband while they were eating.

“It was very embarrassing because every one of the band members could hear Jennifer yelling over the phone,” said David.

After this incident, David told Jennifer that he wanted a divorce several times, but she never thought something like this could happen to her, so she ignored it. Little did she know, he already had his mind made up.

A relationship emerged from the friendship between David and the young woman.

Forty-one percent of first marriages end in divorce, according to McKinley Irvin. Their divorce was final in March of 2010, and David stayed with the woman for about a year.

“She filled every void in my life. Everything that Jennifer wasn’t, she was. This was the devil’s way of telling me that I was getting what I wanted,” David said.

Their pastor, Chris Pritchett said, “I always tried to encourage both of them, but I was in so much shock at what was going on that I began to get angry.”

One night, while Jennifer was sleeping alone in her bed, she had a dream that she was pregnant. She remembers walking out of the bathroom and telling David that she had felt the baby kick.

“As I was brushing my teeth, I literally heard a voice over my shoulder that said I gave you that dream as a confirmation that he is coming back.”

They had been praying for God to send them a child long before they divorced, but Jennifer was never able to get pregnant. That dream helped her believe that their marriage was definitely not over.

In 2011, David had literally hit rock bottom and almost lost everything he had. He was at work when a woman he knew came into the store. He ignored her and went to the back of the store, making sure that another employee took care of her. As she was checking out, she began to cry. She knew the situation and could not believe that something like this could happen to David and Jennifer. She told the other employee that it was such a shame that Jennifer had to go through something like this, not knowing that David was listening from the back of the store.

“That made me look at things differently, and if it wasn’t for that day, I don’t know where I would be today,” said David.

He ended things with the young woman and started attending church again. Jennifer continued to attend church throughout the divorce. He decided to make things right with the Lord before he made things right with Jennifer. He knew people would judge, but “I knew it was the right thing to do,” he said.

They were divorced a little less than a year, and they didn’t remarry as soon as he ended things with the young woman. They took things slow, just like they would if they had never been married before.

According to McKinley Irvin, people wait an average of three years after a divorce to remarry (if they remarry at all).

About six months after they remarried, they found out that they were expecting a child. Jennifer’s dream became a reality, and it was a moment filled with emotion that the couple couldn’t even describe.

The couple now has to hold each other accountable for almost everything in their marriage, and they have a lot more respect for each other than before.

“We have framed in our house that have both of our anniversaries to remind us of how good God is and how precious our love is.”

David and Jennifer now have two children, Olin and Silas, who are constant reminders of God’s grace. They are financially stable, and their relationship is stronger than ever before.

Jennifer wrote in a recent Facebook post, sharing a memory from 2011, “Today by the grace of God we are living it. We are living the dream. My heart is so full, and I feel truly blessed.”

“I wouldn’t want to go through what we went through again,” said David, “but I wouldn’t want to change what we went through because it has made us who we are today.”





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