Prompt #5 – Entertainment

The five entertainment stories that we read this week all contain very strong news elements, which surprised me. They’re not simply critical analyses of entertainment pieces – they each focus on a larger story that surrounds the art itself. In (nearly) every story, there’s also a presence of some sort of struggle or dilemma – there are always two sides that are combating against each other in actions or opinions, creating friction in the story.

I found the “casting controversy” story by Sopan Deb to be the most interesting piece of the bunch. The focus on a social struggle is gripping as is, but the added unique setting of a New York high school seals the deal for me. I found it super interesting that such a struggle was taking place on such a small-scale level, and it was fascinating to see how intense of a response the students got from internet trolls. While all of the stories were interesting, this one resonated with me the most.

In every entertainment example that we read, not much opinion was given on the works themselves. This totally took me by surprise (as my first reaction to “entertainment story” is always “review”) but I completely understand why the writers chose to avoid the subjectivity. By focusing on the news elements of each story, their message came across clearly without stepping on any readers’ toes.

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