Prompt 5

So these articles were very different and interesting to read. It used art and entertainment and connected it with social issues and current events. The critical, review part of the articles was very minimal when compared to the analysis of the art and how it pertains to today. Almost all of the articles dealt with political and social issues, with the audible playwright article being the exception. The art piece resonated with me the most. It relates to my article on Confederate monuments and their historical (and controversial) importance. I like how they came to the conclusion of keeping the artworks, while explaining their controversy as well. I even sent this to my artist friend to read to find out her opinion. I think the stories’ use of current events and social issues is what draws people to these articles. The art and entertainment industry is rife with these sorts of issues and people aren’t as aware as they should be. I’m mad that the country music industry isn’t dealing with their sexual harassment issue, but hopefully #timesup will catch up to them.

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