Prompt #5

Arts and entertainment coverage go beyond the traditional critical review by discussing and linking entertainment and arts with current event topics and social issues.  For example, in the article “Country music has found its Weinstein scandal,”  it talks about how Webster is accused of sexually harassing Austin Rick and how people who work in the country music industry do not do enough to stand up for their employees.  Arts and entertainment coverage and traditional critical reviews both focus on things within the art and entertainment category.

The article that resonates with me most is “In The #MeToo Era, Do These Paintings Still Belong In a Museum.”  I found it interesting because art pieces elicit emotion and people now are offended by the pieces due to it sexualizing the women in the art and possibly portraying the women in the art pieces in a bad light.  I also found the background like Picasso mistreating women a little upsetting but interesting.  It was also cool how this article linked the art in art museums to a current topic which is the #MeToo Era.

Writers try to give entertainment mass coverage by linking entertainment and arts with current even topics and social issues.  The writers of the articles may even write about entertainment coverage that affects its readers.  For example, in the article, “Playwrights get a new stage: Audible announce 15 writers for audio theater project,” it talks about how theater pieces are being produced over audio and will be available on Audible.  This affects readers because they will be able to buy these audio theater pieces once it is released.


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