A&E Response

The stories here go beyond the conventional review to critique not just the art itself, but the art as it relates to the cultural concerns of a particular moment in history. Namely, now. Radio comes full circle, to the realization that the original art form had something that has been lost in progress. Pedophilia and voyeurism are evident in works of art exhibited since a year in which it was blatantly denied, but we are not banning works of literature which explore these themes, and an artist who painted his way up a little girl’s skirt was being as honest as he was deviant. That story resonated most with me. The art cannot be separated from the artist, but neither can it be separated from the society which lauds it. And it speaks louder than we would like to admit. The subjective nature of art means that we will not all see every important thing, will not want to understand the meaning. But as a collective consciousness, the art we create and consume creates us.

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