Prompt 5

Most of these stories go beyond the average song and dance routine for entertainment coverage by talking about news, behind-the-scenes developments, and bringing up yet another censorship question. They elect to cover controversies within recent memory.

I found the article that most resonated with me was the Huffington Post article about the acceptability of sexually evocative art in the #MeToo movement. I may not agree with modern artists working with any style chronologically beyond post-impressionism, but I think that art’s place in society should not be infringed over a recent development. The painting the article focuses on a pubescent French girl in a provocative pose. Pubescents are teenagers, naturally. And what are teenagers if not rebellious in as many ways as they can be?

The Mata Hari wowed French salons for her sexual promiscuity and far-eastern dances and origin story. Should we have banned all depictions of her? The fact is that her fame, or infamy, was a result of her alleged work as a spy for the Germans during the Great War. What I’m saying is that not many works of art with such a promiscuous nature achieve such a controversial status until we make it controversial.

I did NOT like the Guardian’s piece. I read it and asked “Ok, that’s nice. But what ABOUT the movie that is so inspirational to people?” I also laugh when I consider the fact that an average Marvel movie made for children about a well-built African king, wrestling people in a cat costume, has made it to the frontlines of political discussion. “Community” was right, we ARE in the Troy timeline – the Darkest Timeline. I’m not joking about it being made for children, either. I have it on good authority that a character got their throat slit and there wasn’t a single drop of blood. I blame Troy, both the “Community” character and the cheesy 2004 movie.

What generates mass appeal these days? Controversy. People love to bet on the demes without considering their rival greens or blues might actually be pretty similar to them. I should elaborate. In the Byzantine Empire, there were 2 factions that vied for power over the simple game of chariot racing in the Hippodrome. They were racing teams, fan clubs, mafias, and political parties all rolled into 2 separate groups. Imagine democrats and republicans with such high tensions that one group murdering the other were frequent over the NASCAR races. So long as people refuse to acknowledge the potential within the others’ ideas, we will always act so viciously fractious.

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