Prompt #5

It is definitely true that people are quick to dismiss the arts and literature section of a website or newspaper as a fancy way of saying review. I’ve made that mistake once or twice before as well. However, after reading through each of these stories, it became increasingly clear that the arts section isn’t just full of possibly pretentious reviews. All of the selected stories have taken a more broad approach to a more niche subject. For example, the #MeToo story took on the subject of possibly problematic past era pieces, and related it back to the #MeToo movement. They go beyond the confines of a typical review, and are able to bring in more social commentary on the hot topics of today.

The story that is sticking with me while I write this prompt response is the casting controversy story. Right from the title, I was hooked. I’ve also recently started to delve deeper into the realm of theater, and something that I consider pretty important to me is keeping the roles in tact with any ethnic background they may have. Simply put, keeping Esmeralda a Roma woman, as that is how she is accurately portrayed. It was really interesting to see how the students took action, while also disheartening to see the negative comments and threats against those students. The only complaint that I have is that I feel the story ended rather abruptly. I would’ve liked to see a more conclusive ending, one that didn’t have me scrolling all the way down the page to see if I had missed anything.

Like I said before, the writers were able to take niche subjects and relate them back to social movements and overall social commentary. It’s hard not to see anything about sexual assault scandals these days, but until today, I hadn’t really heard anything from the country music industry about it. I hadn’t thought of how artwork can relate to the #MeToo movement. After reading these stories, I’ve realized how broad my horizons can grow when I open my mind a bit.

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