Prompt #5

The biggest difference between a review and an arts and entertainment article is how the story is written. While a review is more critical, arts and entertainment pieces dive into the story behind the scenes. Both kinds of articles cover the same type of work, whether it’s movies, books or other works of art.

The biggest mass appeal for a story is controversy. If everyone agreed with each other at all times, there would be hardly any news worth reporting. Everyone would share the same views, and that would take away from the uniqueness of each individual. Writing on social issues is a great way to draw mass appeal as well. The historical paintings that are in mentioned in one of the articles show how past cultures and individuals thought in a particular time.

The story about the historical paintings and the #MeToo movement caught my attention the most. These paintings should be able to be seen in a museum by current and future generations. Italian philosopher and writer George Santayana said it best, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

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