Prompt #5

The main thing that all of these publications share is the fact that they show that a social commentary can be made about literally anything in the world today, and that includes the arts. These publications go beyond the usual review and talk about what about a certain part of the arts related to social problems in society today.

The one that resonated with me was the #BlackPantherChallenge because seeing something that involves young kids of the same race as me is always something I love to read about. I am a person who loves superheroes and comics, and having a character as iconic as Black Panther represent my race in a certain royal way is something that young black kids need to see.

These stories provide mass appeal by first expelling a certain social commentary. Then, instead of taking a biased stance on that commentary, they simply provide facts and tell the story without throwing the writer’s own opinions in the face of the reader.

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