Prompt 5

When I read the topic of this weeks articles, I instantly thought that we would be reading articles of things that are up and coming in the arts and entertainment field. Right when I started reading the first story, I quickly understood what these stories would be about. Instead of these stories being a traditional review, they touch on topics that have recently become widely talked about and controversial. The first story talks about sexual harassment in the Country music industry. This story is big, because we have seen stories about this within the movie business, news stations and even within the Olympics, but Country music has yet to be talked about. If it was happening in almost every other branch of entertainment, it was bound to be happening within the Country industry, it had just yet to be talked about. The next three stories touch on race, which has become a huge topic in our society recently. The last story touched on the arts and the #MeToo movement, it questioned if some paintings that are in art galleries should still be allowed to be shown to the public due to the sexual exposure of them.

The story that stuck with me the most is the story about the paintings. This is because it really frustrated me that people view these pieces of art of as “supporting objectification of children” or as a “sign of submission.” Artwork is a form of expression, it is a way to portray beauty for all to see. I may be a little biased because I have always had a love for art and never have I once felt that paintings of women were painted for malice reasons, they were painted to capture the beauty and essence of women in their purest form. Our society is very quick to view things like this and claim it is “over sexualizing women” instead of trying to understand the true purpose for such work.

These writers give these stories mass appeal because they tie them to real world events that even if we are not up to date about, we have heard about in some point. By doing this, they make the reader feel like they are also part of the story and it draws the reader’s in and keeps them reading until the very end.

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