Prompt #5

Al of these articles talk about entertainment but they all have a deeper story that is relived while reading it. The first one about country music wasn’t just about country music, it was about the sexual harassment and assault from one of the producers. This article was something everyone has been wondering we just didn’t know it. The #MeToo campaign hasn’t hit the country side which is very interesting because we know it is there, it just isn’t been exposed. The next three articles had race has the issue, whether that was on the stage at high school or the first movie ever to come out with black super heroes. The last one had to do with the arts but they incorporated the #MeToo movement questioning if some of the art should even be allowed in the place because of what all it shows.

I think for me the most relatable article was about the art and #MeToo movement because that is what my capstone is all about. And if I’m being honest it was really hard for me to answer the question for myself if these pieces of art should be removed from the museum, and even after reading it I don’t think I have an answer. It made me question a lot of things which I think is the point of articles. To make you think and question every little thing you believe in.

I think these stories give a mass appeal because the authors made all of the entertainment such a global issue. He tied them into issues that the entire world is facing right now and I think that is the best way to make your reader feel like they are part of the story.

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