Prompt #5

These articles were definitely not my favorite out of the ones that we have read so far, but I feel like a review introduces a work like an album, book, movie, etc. An arts and entertainment article may or may not feature an artistic work such as the ones I listed. An A&E article is more of a story behind that movie or that album. For example, the country music article talked about a current issue and related it to country music. It mentioned certain artists, but it focused more on the story than it did their music. It was the same way for the other four articles as well.

I think the story about the paintings in the museum caught my attention the most. You wouldn’t think that art pieces would be an issue when it came to the #MeToo movement. They’ve been there for a while, long before this movement came to fruition. However, I could see where some people would think having these paintings displayed is affecting this movement. Like Durden said, I’m not sure what I would say if someone asked me if they should be taken down, but I think that we need to remember that movements like this can go farther than just people.

Like I said, there is a story that goes along with them to make you interested in the article, and it is tied to a larger issue, such as the #MeToo movement. That story may be negative, or it may be positive, but either way, you’re gaining interest of the readers around you.

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