Kneeling for the Flag

The issue of equality has come to the forefront due to the current state of America. There are viral videos of blatant racism by several people, starting with the people who are sworn to protect us, up to the person in charge of running this country. There have been several protests from citizens, specifically African-Americans, trying to call attention to these issues. No matter how much they yell and plead, it seems like they can’t get their point across.


Along comes a black professional athlete by the name of Colin Kaepernick. He decided that he had enough of what he was seeing in America today and decided to use his stature and platform to make a call to action. During the playing of the national anthem, Colin decided to take a knee instead of following the natural procedures of the anthem. The news spread, and millions of people were up in arms about his actions. As the days followed more pro athletes were kneeling during the anthem, causing a massive uproar from Americans, especially whites. Their anger is directed at the wrong thing and no one has informed them on what is truly being protested.


During that time, there had been several viral videos of black men who were unarmed and complying with police being viciously beaten or shot dead in the street, like the infamous Mike Brown situation in Ferguson, Missouri. The people responsible for the brutality were mostly white and got out of serving any jail time or even a loss of employment. Those people got away with assault and murder, even when there was clear evidence of their wrong doing. On top of that, the person running in office currently has a hidden racist agenda that rears its ugly head in rallies and press conferences across the country.

They kneel because it’s hard to be a black person living in America today.

They kneel because it is the only way that people will pay attention to the equality issues we have.

They kneel to give blacks the voice that they don’t have the ability to express.

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