J.I.D– The Never Story Album Review

Short Version:


J.I.D puts his name on the map with the major success of his debut project “The Never Story”. The Dreamville rapper shows off his skills with songs like “General,” “LAUDER” and his hit single “NEVER”. The album is in many ways a nod back to the times when rapping was about lyrical style and flow in addition to story-telling. Both older and newer generations alike will definitely take a liking to this Atlanta-based rapper’s music. An album like this makes fans eagerly excited for whatever he has next in store.


Long Version:


In the current state of hip-hop music, it seems like almost like every new artist has lyrics and flow that sound like they are coming from a 10-year-old. Rap has now shifted towards an audience with short attentions spans who need catchy lyrics. Atlanta-based rapper and Dreamville signee J.I.D is like a breath of fresh air with his debut album “The Never Story”.


The 12-song project is a nod to the days when rap was all about lyrical style, flow and telling a story. J.I.D’s words dance on each track effortlessly with a sense of confidence in his abilities that is unmatched. The album begins with “General” a song that prepares you for the lyrical performance that comes with the rest of the project. He continues with his breakout single “NEVER”, a song that should be on your workout playlist if it isn’t already. J.I.D isn’t just a one-trick pony on this album, though, he flexes his singing chops on back to back songs “Hereditary” and “All Bad”.


The Never Story is an instant classic. This project will make fans of both older and newer generations excited for whatever he decides to release next. The title of the next greatest rapper of this generation is a hefty one to carry, but J.I.D is ready for the challenge, and “The Never Story” is more than enough proof.



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