Baby Driver Review

If you’re teaching your child how to drive, try not to show them the latest Edgar Wright film while doing so. It should come with the warning: do not try this at home. 

Edgar Wright is well known for his unique directing and editing styles in the UK. His best known works are Shaun of the Dead and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. This time however, he has taken his talents to the U.S. Baby Driver is his first American made film, having been shot in Atlanta. It tells the story of a young man named Baby, played by Ansel Elgort, and his rather odd career as a getaway driver. Baby has a deep love for music and uses it to treat his tinnitus. That doesn’t stop Baby from being rather observatory of his surroundings and makes him an excellent driver. Baby is working for the kingpin Doc, played by Kevin Spacey. Doc sets up robberies and heists, always with different crews and uses Baby as his default getaway driver. The robbers consist of familiar faces such as Jon Hamm, Flea, Jon Berenthal, and Jamie Foxx. 

Despite his criminal lifestyle, Baby has a heart of gold and wants nothing more than to be rid of Doc. Even during heists, Baby tries his best not to hurt civilians, sticking to his job and the task at hand. Baby takes care of his deaf foster father Joe, played by CJ Jones. He also begins a timelessly romantic relationship with the waitress Debora, played by Lily James, who you might have seen in 2015’s Cinderella. 

Baby Driver is currently up for three Academy Awards: Best Sound Editing, Best Sound Mixing, and Best Editing. Music is a key part of this film and Edgar Wright uses it to his advantage. The actors’ movements, the chase scenes, and even the editing are all choreographed to music. Edgar Wright also uses his classic filming styles, varying from long moving shots to quick close ups. Since music is used to drown out his tinnitus, every time Baby is seen without headphones, you can hear a faint humming in the background, putting the audience in Baby’s perspective. The soundtrack for the film is filled with all different genres of music and songs. You can recognize at least one song while watching the film and probably add about a dozen of them to your Spotify account. 

Baby Driver has something to offer for all kinds of audiences. It has music, action, comedy, romance, you name it. Next time you want a good movie to put on Friday night, look no further than Baby Driver. Just don’t try his driving next time you’re going through rush hour traffic. 

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