Prompt #4

There were several well-written articles that we had to read for our writing prompt for this week.  The article that took the most time to write in my opinion was “Michigan father deported to Mexico: ‘I feel lost.’  I feel like it took the most time to write because the writer of this article had to find out a lot of information.  For example, the writer, had to find out what the Mexican city.  The writer also had to find out information about Nicholas Romero, his family, DACA as well as deportation facts and statistics.  It’s hard to pick which article took the least effort to write because all of the articles are detailed.  However, if I had to pick the article that took the least amount of time to write was Beyond Gender.  I feel like the information written in this article was pretty easy to access because the writer of this article could ask his sources for information directly

The topic that I originally didn’t think I would be interested in was deportation.  Surprisingly, I really enjoyed reading Michigan father deported to Mexico; ‘I feel lost.’  I found the information and the descriptive details I read in this article to be really interesting.  I couldn’t help but to sympathize with Nicolas Romero.  It was surprising to think that there were people that would be against Romero especially since he lived in America most of his life.  I hope he will get to be with his family again.

All of these articles generated emotion from the viewers.  The writers of the articles also did a good job at gathering the research that they had used in their articles.  In addition, there was also details in the feature stories.  I think these are important details in writing feature stories.


One thought on “Prompt #4

  1. Good insight, Nicole. Strong research is the key to good feature stories. And the fact that the DACA piece moved you emotionally is a great example of feature writing.


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