Prompt 4

I enjoyed reading these articles very much. It opened me up to people and issues I didn’t know much about. I think the feature on Jorge Garcia would’ve been very difficult to write about. You would have to interview so many people and have someone open up about a very raw, hard topic. This man doesn’t know when he’ll ever see his family again. He barely gets to talk to them and see them and he’s been forced to go back to a country he barely knows. The Camilla Cabello piece was probably the easiest. It was more lighthearted than the others and didn’t dive into such serious topics. The Nick Foles piece also seemed to be a relatively easy piece to write. They just used more sources, while the Cabello piece was just her. The Nick Foles piece was probably the one I dreaded the most. Spoiler alert: I’m not a big sports person (so I’m kind of dreading the sports piece we’ll have to eventually write). However, it still resonated with me. Nick Foles is obviously a very talented athlete and if he wasn’t in the NFL, he’d probably be in the NBA. I found his story to be very inspirational and motivating. In my own feature writing, I’d like to incorporate more quotes from other people who know the person. I think it says a lot about their character.

One thought on “Prompt 4

  1. I love that the story you dreaded the most reading, you wrote the most about in your prompt response 🙂 That says something about the writing. And great point about background sources, Olivia. Interviewing others provides the reader with more depth of your subject.


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