Prompt #4

While I was reading through the selected feature profile stories, different aspects of each story stood out to me. The amount of outside research that went into the creation of each story differed between the five, but I feel as if the story that took the most effort to write would have been the story about the Michigan father who got deported to Nicolás Romero, Mexico. The author was able to convey the emotions that Jorge Garcia felt individually about his deportation, and the struggles that he was facing in his unfamiliar environment, while also relating the story back to the broader issue of unjust deportation that we are facing in Trump’s America.

On the flip side of that, I feel as if the Camila Cabello piece, while I did enjoy reading it, probably took the least amount of effort. Even though it was cool to get the vibe that the reporter was backstage with Camila, it’s safe to say that a lot of the background information the reporter talked about was already available online, as Camila is a prominent public figure who has done several interviews already.

The story about Eagles quarterback Nick Foles was the least interesting subject to me. Most people know that I am by no means a sports inclined person. However, the title of this story alone sucked me in, and I found myself actually taking interest in the story of Foles. I had no knowledge of who this guy was before reading, and yet the quotes from teammates and the way the reporter wrote the story kept me interested until the end.

After reading through these stories, I gathered two aspects of writing that could strengthen my profile story writing ability. One is to get quotes outside of the source, whether that be from the source’s friends, family, or coaches. The quotes provide a more full scoped view of the source, as they can provide details and accounts of the subject that the subject didn’t think to, or can’t say. The other aspect is to incorporate more descriptive writing into the story. The descriptive language provides an image to accompany the source that a simple physical picture cannot do on its own.

One thought on “Prompt #4

  1. Great insight, Nathan. Quotes from others helps give your subject depth. And the descriptive writing is so important, but it’s something that’s very difficult to do unless you give the interview in person.


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