Saving A Life One Step at A Time

We may not know it, but there is an animal shelter nearby Piedmont College. Habersham County has a local animal shelter that is open to the public five days out of the week. The downside to this is that the shelter is very understaffed and the animals that reside there do not get the attention they need. Some of the animals there go days, even weeks without getting let out of their cages. This is also true for many animals in shelters around the United States. 

According to the ASPCA Foundation, approximately 6.5 million animals enter shelters each year. Out of those animals, only about half get adopted and find themselves in a loving home. What happens to the other 3 million animals that are not so lucky? Approximately 1.5 million of these animals get euthanized. Even today, there are many kill shelters that give pets a certain time limit to get adopted before their time is up.   

What can be done to help put a stop to this? As college students, many of us are on a budget and we are not able to donate to organizations that help fight for the animals. But one thing we can do is give our time. The Humane Society takes applications for volunteers to help during adoption days. Volunteers walk the dogs, clean up after them, and keep them company while they wait to find their new home.    

Something needs to be done about this problem. Thankfully due to organizations such as the ASPCA and the Humane Society, the number of animals in shelters is declining. Even in a small county such as Habersham, we can make an impact to help these animals. The Habersham County animal shelter allows volunteers to walk the animals and give them the love they deserve. We all know that college students love talking about their experiences and things they do. Approximately 43 percent of pet owners found their companion through word of mouth. By volunteering and talking about the experiences we had, the animals housed in the shelter could potentially find their forever home, literally escaping death.        

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