Prompt #4

During reading these articles, I was very intrigued. I personally think the article “I Feel Lost” where the Michigan father deported to Mexico would be the most effort to write because this is such a big topic right now. You want to let the subject let all his feelings out with this situation but you always want to relate it to such a big picture to where everyone can relate to it. I feel like sometimes doing both can be hard to do. It was hard for me to choose a least effective article because they seem like they would all require your full attention when writing, but I chose The Rolling Stones article about Camila Cabello. All her information is just kind of out there on the internet already so I felt like I had already read what I was reading. I wish I could have learned something new about her.

The least interested piece I read was about Nick Foles. I’m not a a huge Eagles fan to begin. The way the reader really pulled me in was about the Super Bowl because I did watch the entire game. So it was nice to get to know the players without the helmet and pads through this writing.

I really love how these articles were all somewhat very important. They were all about something bigger than just the article. All of them had quotes from the actual subject they were talking about and I think that is critical when writing a feature story and sometimes we forget that. They all did a great job of reporting and I hope one day I can write some great articles like these.

One thought on “Prompt #4

  1. “They were all about something bigger than just the person.” That is the essence of the feature profile. You want to make it somehow relatable to everyone. Great insight, Durden.


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