Kesha WAS the Grammys

This year the stars celebrated their 60th annual Grammys ceremony. Bruno Mars and Kendrick Lamar swept out almost all of the awards, but the focus of the night, as usual, was on the performances.

The Grammys opened with Kendrick Lamar. He was phenomenal to say the least. Lamar didn’t only rap but he made statements throughout his performance about poverty and revenge, leaving everyone hyped up for the show to come.

One of the most feel-good performances was Bruno Mars and Cardi B with their hit single “Finesse.” They made you want to get up, dance, and just love everyone. Another strong performance was DJ Khaled’s “Wild Thoughts” with Bryson Tiller and Rihanna, incorporating South African dance moves called “gwara gwara.”

But the performance of the night belongs to Kesha. After not going to any awards ceremony since 2012. Because of her long battle against her longtime producer Dr. Luke, she stood strong and looked absolutely beautiful.

Janelle Monae’s introduction to Kesha’s performance was powerful. “ We say time’s up for pay inequality, time’s up for discrimination, time’s up for harassment of any kind, and time’s up for the abuse of power.” She ended her speech by saying “ We are honored to stand with you and welcome you, Kesha.” This set the stage of what was to come next.

The lights came up and it looked as though there were angels standing on the stage, while a choir was singing the first holy verse of Praying. Kesha was accompanied by other women such as Cyndi Lauper, Camila Cabello, Julia Michaels, Andra Day, and Bebe Rexha as they performed Kesha’s hit song Praying. As she finished she embraced her sisters on stage while breaking down with emotion. She had just bared her soul for the world to see. She confronted her abuser on stage with this song and that was inspirational.

While others wore a white rose in support of the #TimesUp movement, Kesha and others on stage wore all white to symbolize the strength and unity these women have had throughout this movement.

It was no surprise that at the end of her performance she brought the crowd to their feet. She trembled, screeched, and brought not only her, but also others to tears as well. It was an emotional performance for millions across the world who shed a tear while watching. This is a new beginning for Kesha and all her Animals.

Kesha may not have won any awards, but she definitely won the night.

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