One Thing I Agree With

I was born to a family of Catholic conservatives. I agreed with them politically on every issue. It was during the latter half of the Obama years that I sprinted across the bridge and adopted liberal politics.

The political divide is not only easy to cross, it’s hard to stay on the bridge for long. It was more of a symptom of a teenage rebellion phase. But as I’ve mellowed into an adult, I’ve kept some liberal ideas and re-embraced a few conservative ones.

Trump has obviously been a wily figure, politically. He wants to dismantle a lot of Obama-era regulations, but I find myself agreeing with one of Trump’s ideas – the dismantling of the Iran Nuclear deal.

The Iran Nuclear deal was a hotbed of argument. The idea was pretty simple – Iran gets sanctions lifted to get a better economy and is allowed to trade with the West. In return, the country would give up most of its nuclear stockpile and use only one enrichment site. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu strongly opposed the deal, along with most of Congress.

The problem is, Iran has violated the agreement twice over the amount of heavy water used by the Iranians. Heavy water is used for cooling towers, but is also used in the enrichment processes. And the International Atomic Enforcement Agency is concerned over the amount of heavy water Iran is permitted.

Combine this with a poor track record on Iran’s part, and the deal simply doesn’t look good. In 2003, fearing military action, they announced they would halt uranium enrichment – until 2011, when they were found to actually be in development of a nuclear weapon.

But what about the IAEA? The deal gives them free reign to inspect Iranian facilities. And that’s correct, but there’s a caveat. There has to be a 24-day notice before the inspection can commence.

In 2016, Iran launched a ballistic missile with the Hebrew words inscribed “Israel must be destroyed.” That’s a bit of a red flag. So is the country’s relationship with North Korea, who frequently supplies Iran with military technology. According to CIA Director Mike Pompeo, “it is fair to say” that North Korea selling nuclear weapons or materials isn’t outside of the realm of possibility.

I don’t agree with Trump on many things, but based off of what I’ve read and pieced together, this is one thing I can agree with. Not sure if my parents view it the same way, however. They’ve walked across the bridge, but largely to spite Trump and how he’s skewed their party.


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