Prompt #1

All five of these articles, though some of them uncomfortable to read for me to be honest, all focus on personal experience and anecdotes to the issues of everyday life. These “issues” range from most commonly talked about, such as President Trump’s stance on Mexican immigrants, to taboo topics that no one wants to talk about in public. Each one of these stories are testimonials that shed light onto these vast topics and provide perspective to someone who may not understand.

My favorite one to read in terms of the writing style was the one that talked about the spanking fetish. The way it is written gave me the feeling like I could fully understand and relate to the writer, even though I have not a clue about what she goes through mentally when it comes to intimate settings. The use of comedic imagery and funny anecdotes helped me to keep from cringing over this taboo topic and stop reading altogether.

The column that I thought was the least effective was the “egg” story, mostly due to the vocabulary used in the article. At times I had to re-read sentences and even paragraphs to even understand the point she was trying to make. Even when I got to the conclusion I still didn’t understand what was being said. The vocabulary used in The New Yorker could be geared towards people not in my demographic and that could probably be the reason why I think its not very effective.

If I had to ask a question to any of the writers I would ask the writer of the gun control column and I would ask him what kind of responses did he think he would get from people who were with them in the military, and what would he say to people who have a different opinion than him.

One thought on “Prompt #1

  1. Great insight, Taylor. Jillian did a great job tackling a very taboo topic and conveying her identity in a way people could understand, sprinkling in just enough humor to help the reader get through it.


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