I’m so excited!

I have to be honest with you. I’ve never been more excited to develop and teach a class.

This is the first semester “Advanced Writing & Reporting” is being offered at Piedmont College. The class has evolved from the former “Investigative Reporting” class.

As you know, there is no textbook for the course. But there are several assigned readings. I’ve always been a believer of the philosophy that to become a better writer, you have to read a lot of writing. And although I’d like to believe you read as much writing as I do, I remember being a college student — you’re likely not reading anything that isn’t assigned, especially during the semester.

So in lieu of a textbook, I’ve compiled several examples of the different types of writing we’ll be analyzing and eventually producing this semester. We’ll be reading a range of writing, from Pulitzer Prize winning professional pieces to high school journalism. Why? Because I want to show you that with a little effort and some critical thinking, you can produce similar work.

I’ll post links to the readings and blog prompts on Moodle. I’ll also post the prompts on the blog each week. Your blog post should incorporate your answers in a narrative form — don’t just copy/paste my questions and list your answers. You’ll be publishing your blog responses and final stories on this website. And watch for my comments!

Let’s get it started!

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